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Smart Egg Labyrinth Puzzle Maze for Kids Children's Puzzle Maze (each)

Rs.1,145.00 Rs.745.00


1, Insert the wand into the egg from the top.

2、Move the wand through the labyrinth using the paths and holes available.

3、Complete the labyrinth by pulling the wand out of the bottom.

4、Each design has a different labyrinth inside.

5、1-layer, level 2 labyrinths are more challenging than 1-layer, level 1.


Insert the wand into the egg from the top.

Move the wand through the labyrinth using the paths and holes available.

Complete the labyrinth by pulling the wand out of the bottom.

Each design has a different labyrinth inside.

1-layer, level 2 labyrinths are more challenging than 1-layer, level 1.


Name: Children's Puzzle Maze Ball Toy Magic Maze Egg

Material: plastic

Product size: Approx.7*4*10cm

Box size: Approx.8.5*5.2*10.5cm

Weight: Approx.65g

Packing list:
1*Puzzle Maze Egg