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Neo Cube Magic Magnets Puzzle Fidget Toys 5 mm Balls

Rs.2,950.00 Rs.2,450.00


Neo cubes are sets of power full Rare Earth magnets made of a metallic alloy called Neodymium.
Neo cubes are also known as Bucky balls, Nanodots or Neo Magnetic Cubes each Neo cube sold by these brands consists of essentially the same thing, 216 super strong magnetic balls.
The Neo cubes are composed of 216 high quality Neodymium magnetic balls. Neo cubes will keep you entertained for hours. It’s a puzzle, it’s a stress reliever, it’s a desk toy, it’s a construction game, it’s a brain teaser, but most of all, it’s fun!

Package Contains : 216 * 5mm Balls
Magnetic Strength: N35
Material: Neodymium
Coating: Nickel
Color: Silver