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Glowing 3D drawing board Glow Drawing Board

Rs.3,800.00 Rs.2,850.00

Want to please and surprise your baby? Then forget about boring paper albums, tablets and pencils. Glow drawing board Glow drawing board 3 in 1 is what your kid needs, who loves to draw!

Drawing board is the perfect gift for any child from 3 years! This game set is completely unlike ordinary children’s boards it can impress even an adult.

The board is made of hard plastic and has a flat surface that allows inscriptions, drawings and pictures to turn into a real masterpiece. The lines from the markers are easily removed with a soft cloth, which makes it possible to eliminate minor flaws and mistakes or re-create new drawings. In addition to the images included in the set of images, you can invent them yourself. The board runs on 3 batteries that are not included in the kit.