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Explore And Find Enviro Battery

Rs.1,250.00 Rs.950.00

Learn the science behind the power! Using some of the most unique and non polluting energy sources you can find on earth such as vegetables, fruits, mud, potted plants etc light up a bulb, power a clock, or sound a buzzer and a lot more alternative battery experiments


2 Zinc Plates 

4 Copper Plates                     

4 Connection Wires

2 Plastics Cups                                                             

2 Bottle Screw Caps

I Light Tower with LED Lamp                   

I Set Transparent Adhesive Tapes    

I Set Experiment Instruction Guide

Experiment Record Sheet and Fun Facts

Sample Experiments:
Lemon or Potato Power: Create A lemon or Potato-powered Clock
Musical Mud: Make A Sound – Chip Sing
Water Wonder: Create A Battery With Water
Paper Clip Party: Create a Paper Clip Battery

Great for:
Learning, tutorials, lectures and after school program
Awesome as Gifts for Holidays, Christmas, Birthdays and Special Occasions
Carry and use for school, travel and indoor or outdoor play



Age: 10+

Adult supervision is required