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Battle Ship Board Game - Tactical Combat

Rs.2,800.00 Rs.2,100.00

Battle Ship Board Game - Tactical Combat

A new "revised" edition of the classic game Battleship.

Your Mission: Be the first player to identify and destroy your enemy's five ships and rescue your captured man.

Plays basically the same as original Battleship with a few exceptions... There are now small islands on the playfield where your captured man will be hidden. Also, the three-holed cruiser has been replaced with a three-holed Weapons Platform (with the 3-holes being in a triangular pattern) and the Aircraft Carrier's five holes are no longer in a straight line.

The upright grid (where you mark your hits and misses) has also been redesigned with a clear plastic grid with a removable map piece. Once the game is over, just lift out the removable map and you can instantly see how close (or how far) you were to winning the game!!