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Unleash your child creative side

Unleash your child creative side

A major purpose of playing with toys is to facilitate warm and supportive communication and engagement. Therefore, toys—traditional or digital—should not be used to replace social interactions but to enhance them.

Ideal toys are those which encourage child engagement in interactions “rich in language, pretending, problem-solving, reciprocity, cooperation and creativity. Parents should choose toys that are safe and developmentally appropriate.

So select toys which stimulate the imagination, support child interaction, promote exploration and problem solving, and encourage both mental and physical activity. Bells and whistles do not necessarily make a toy better,  “sometimes the simplest toys may be the best” because “they provide opportunities for children to use their imagination to create the toy use, not the other way around.”

Classic Board games e.g., Scrabble, Checkers, Monopoly etc. are helpful in teaching children new language & mathematical concepts, strengthening their problem-solving abilities, and improving their social skills. Also children learn new vocabulary, but they will improve their language skills too. Explore our collection of Board Games & Puzzles and select the right toy for your kid.

Children often enjoy creative activities, such as drawing and painting, especially if they feel the freedom to express themselves and do not fear being criticized. Materials required for creative activities include (colored) papers of various sizes, child-safe scissors, colored pencils, paintbrushes, watercolor paint, modeling clay, etc. Help them enhance their creativity. Explore our collection of Active & Creative Play.


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